Welcome to the Baby Boomers Blog

Been wanting to write about this for a long time. Actually since my 50th birthday bash with junior college mates when we had a wonderful time reuniting with old friends in the school hall. That was 3 years ago.

Celebrating 50th birthday with JC friends

The thing about school reunions is that it brings back a mixture of good and bad feelings; of rejoice and regrets; but mostly laughter and tears. The fact that we braved seeing each other again after so long is proof that we are prepared to face whatever comes our way.

That probably says a lot about us, Baby Boomers. Consider this being ‘thick-skinned’ but really, we are very resilient – more that what our parents think and what our children believe.

Boomers have been lucky as a generation, at least in most places. Yet today, I feel we are slipping into oblivion in the eyes of the marketeers and it is very frustrating looking for things to buy, places to go and services to use. The commercial world seems to have forgotten us as a consumer and policy makers are more worried about the aging problems than looking at the opportunities of providing for the Boomers.

Sure there are some niche products and services, and public initiatives for the third age, etc. But we are not really into the third age. We are sort of at two-and-half age.

In the past when people asked for my occupation, I used to say ‘retired’. But they look at me and think I’m too young to retire. I tried looking for a job but the hirers think I’m too old though they often say I’m too qualified.

Now I tell people that I’m ‘pretired‘. Pretirement is a stage after your career and before actual retirement. In other words, you don’t work on a  permanent full-time job and yet employable in areas of consultancy or teaching on contract or part-time basis. There’a a large pool of expertise that can be tapped in the pretirement market and I’ll write more in another post.

In the meantime, I’m going back to planning what to do for my birthday in 2 days’ time. There are not many choices really – it’s either lunch or dinner with family and friends. After 50, each birthday is like an old friend waiting to greet you round the corner and I can only wish it’ll be another peaceful, healthy year ahead for all.

Thanks for reading and do send your ideas for Boomer birthday celebrations.

Cheers, JY


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Baby Boomers Blog

  1. ‘Pretired’ is a brilliant moniker for our generation of betweeners: too young to throw in the towel and too old for sensible companies to employ.
    So go and enjoy yourself – with a clear conscience! Many happy returns.

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