Boomers’ Choice – A Retirement Academy

My Saturday posts will be dedicated to TED inspired theme of ‘ideas worth spreading’ and discusses anything from solving aging problems to product designs, from travel to food. For this first post, I’ll write about something close to my heart – getting old without getting lonely.

When the time comes, I don’t want to go to a retirement home. Instead I want to go to an academy where I can learn a variety of subjects, attend classes whenever I want to, work as a teaching, administrative or operational staff, and live in a studio apartment in the academy grounds.

The academy should be located in an area with sufficient sunshine and average temperature of 18°C all year round. Rain should only fall after a dry spell of no longer than three months so that we can have enough time for outdoor activities and growing our own vegetables. Our children could visit us anytime but it is alright if they are busy. We could chat online or we could visit them with our friends whenever we feel like a vacation.

A normal day would start with a walk at dawn because old folks usually wake up very early anyway, then a small picnic or breakfast in the dining hall. Classes start at 10am to give us plenty of time to get ready or decide what we want to learn on that day. Lunch would be from 11am to 1pm, followed by siesta from 2 to 4pm. The evening hours would be spent on doing our respective chores or for socializing. Dinner starts from 6pm and lights out at 8pm.

As there would be no fixed agenda, we could even sleep in all day or drive a buggy to the nearest town which should not be more than 20 minutes away. The town must have a modern medical centre, a good book shop would be nice, a factory outlet to persuade our children to visit us often, a warm café and a clean restaurant serving decent inexpensive food.

The academy will be self-financing as its model generates income through franchising and other boomer businesses. Residency is based on a lifetime membership so the waiting time for Gen-X is expected to be very long. In fact, Gen-X should start investing in the ‘Retirement Academy International Fund’ or offer volunteer services to increase their chances of acceptance whenever there is an opening.

In summary, the Retirement Academy is the way to go because it offers the right stimuli to counter the negative effects of aging by engaging us intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally; thus providing an active lifestyle that boomers are so used to.

How does this sound? Would you like to check in too?



2 thoughts on “Boomers’ Choice – A Retirement Academy

    1. Ideally it shouldn’t be more costly than the options we have today.
      The academy should be self-financing and self-managing.
      I’ve got a suggestion for Spain costa del sol.
      Any suitable locations in Australia?

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