Excuses, Excuses

I missed posting on my blog yesterday because I was out all day and came home tired. (No, that’s a lousy excuse.)

Actually I’ve been trying to confirm one particular point for my post and couldn’t get it on time. (This is an even worse excuse. In fact, the confirmation was for something else.)

You see, there are many things to write about as I go through the day – starting with the maddening bird call at dawn that drives everyone crazy to interesting exhibitions in town. Yet when it comes to choosing something that matters to boomers, I simply couldn’t find one yesterday. Must be writer’s block. (This seems like a convincing excuse.)

So I decided that there’s no point forcing since it will not turn out any good. It was already 1 am and I’m staring at a blank Word document. A headache was developing and I really should be sleeping. (Now this is a better excuse as I’m sure my readers would be understanding.)

Anyway how can I tell for sure if anyone is reading my blog. If no one is reading, it doesn’t matter if I missed one posting, right? (Oh dear, this really sounds like a bad excuse.)

No more excuses.

The truth is I trying to focus on what boomers want and not narrate a day in the life of a boomer. Being critical of narcissistic bloggers and columnists, I try to stay away from talking about my experiences and aim to write more broadly about boomers’ issues, interests and ideas.

One of the hardest things to do when working from home is being disciplined with your time. If you think time robbers are only in the office, you are wrong. It’s worst at home where you don’t have a fixed schedule.

As a new blogger, it takes a lot of effort to keep to a routine for writing. Somehow time just goes by with all kinds of activities – someone to meet, a seminar to attend, something needs fixing, a last minute dash to the supermarket and while I’m there, a few minutes of window shopping won’t harm.

It’s the distractions that get the attention.

Was there a saying about developing a habit when you want to start something new like exercising, reading, and in my case, writing? We need to get into a routine so that we habitually work our way to do the thing we want on a regular basis.

There’s an article in Chicago Tribune on how to break or make a habit. According to Dr. BJ Fogg, founder of the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University and creator of the Fogg Behavior Model, his solution to making a habit work is to have these three elements – Motivation, Ability and Trigger. You can read the full text in the link below.


If the Fogg Behavior Model is right, what I need now is the Trigger – a strong reminder as a call for action until a habit is developed and a routine is in place. Otherwise it will be one excuse after another.

Do you have the same experience when you are starting something new?



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