Labour of Love

Is there one thing unique you would like to leave behind for your loved ones?

Something that money cannot buy; something you can’t pay someone else to do for you; something that cannot be replaced or replicated by anyone, anywhere, not even with the most advanced tools.

Would this something be as warm as a hug on a cold lonely night, as comforting as a home-cooked meal, or as snug as a bedtime story?

I don’t mean to get mushy but sometimes we do need a bit of emotional cuddling, especially when we are at the age between invincibility and graceful surrender to life as we have lived it.

‘Life as we have lived it’ reminds me of the song Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin. What did we miss out when we were too busy juggling career, family and self? Now that we have the time, what would we like to leave behind that is meaningful and lasting to make up for the absent moments?

When asked these questions, my friends’ answers range from leaving behind a legacy of profound wisdom to happy memories; from music compositions to secret recipes; in my case this blog; and for my dear old boss Steve Higgins, a story that he created when his daughters were very young.

It is an unusual tale about a horse named Salami and his new mistress, the kind-hearted Elsie who spent her days looking after orphaned animals. I enjoyed reading this book for its plot and as a way of learning more about Steve. In all these years, I had never known him to tell his own bedtime stories to his girls, let alone do creative writing. Everything was strictly business at the office.

Steve is full of ideas and is always involved in something interesting. After he retired from corporate, he joined a flying academy as a flight instructor. I didn’t even know he could fly in the first place. The book came as a surprise too because I could never imagine him to do anything frivolous like writing stories. But now I think I can understand.

Salami created some 20 years ago and took about 3 years to produce, was no horseplay. It is a labour of love, something unique to leave behind that money cannot buy; something I believe his family will appreciate.


If you like to buy a copy of Salami the Arrogant Horse for reading to the young ones or as a Christmas gift, please check the online book store.



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