No baby in one month

There’s a saying – You can’t have a baby in one month by impregnating nine women.

Nature simply doesn’t work like that. Every natural process must be given time to fulfil. There’s a good reason how evolution happens the way it did.

What about a society?

Societies have evolved from pre-historic hunting to agrarian to industrial and now to knowledge. It took thousands of years before we get to this stage. And societies are still changing, adapting, responding, reacting and searching with every new stimulant that gets introduced into these organic forms.

Is it then possible to build a certain type of society by speeding up the development process and by introducing artificial organic growth? Will such measures cause more harm than good?

Another analogy for synthetic expansion of societies is an organ transplant. Let’s say, an organ in our body is not functioning well and unable to continue working. Do we then opt for a transplant by introducing another person’s organ and discarding the old one?

If all things turn out well, the body accepts the new organ and life gets extended for a few more years but not forever. Otherwise, the body rejects the new organ and suffers even more problems or fatality.

A society is like a human body. It is organic and dynamic. It has its own DNA with a unique culture and heritage. It has feelings, thoughts, ideas, visions, fears, and everything a human being is capable of having.

When certain parts of a society get old and not contributing productively, should we transplant and discard them? Or should we accept this as part of a natural process and practise basic responsibility to deal with the old in the best way?

The young will look at how the old are being treated today. A society that takes care of its old will encourage the young to contribute positively as they are assured of a future that they will also be taken care of. A natural regeneration will likely to occur without any artificial means and the society will grow stronger.

But if the old has no future, how can the young possibly see themselves as part of this society?

Yes, there is a cost to support an ageing community. But how else can we do it? If we need nine months to have a baby, we’ll just have to let nature takes its course. There is simply no short-cut.

Change the mindset – the old is NOT a burden and is worth investing in.

Neglect the old and the society will wither.

Take care of our old and our society will blossom.



4 thoughts on “No baby in one month

  1. I was having that crazy thought that having 9 babies at 9 months by having 9 women pregnant..
    also I was thinking if the OLD became a burden to society meaning they could not do what they want to do but lying on the beds and requires care taker .I was thinking we should find a way to let them go peacefully, frankly, if they really cant think or move or talk. what is the meaning of living, they had their good times.. so if it is times to go, let them go faster..
    sorry for my own thinking..

    1. Don’t take the baby metaphor literally. Its just to say that we shouldn’t try to achieve all our goals using quick-fix methods without thinking of long-term consequences. It’s not only the old that become invalids. That’s another issue. The main point is that societies must accept the old graciously. A gracious society doesn’t only mean that you greet each other and maintain cordial relationships. A gracious society should be an inclusive one where people are considerate and caring to the old, the slow and the poor.

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