Music to your ears

I met Frankie to get his advice on some investment concepts and we ended up talking about something else. He was obviously very excited about this new thing he’s involved in while I’m trying very hard to follow him.

It took me several months (not entirely at one go) to figure what Frankie’s up to these days. I knew him from way back when he introduced me to all kinds of music, artistes and bands. Glad he did because my music knowledge then was restricted to what my parents listened to.

We moved on with our lives, Frankie became a marine engineer, sailed the seven seas, became a venture capitalist and an advisor with our local research and innovation agency.

What fascinates me is that Frankie’s love of music, though I’ve always thought was just a phase in his life, actually plays a big role in his work now. The new thing he was trying to explain to me is known as “lossless music locker”.

For someone who doesn’t know the difference between sounds coming from CD and MP3, I’m clueless about lossless. But for Frankie who’s been listening to all kinds of music from all kinds of media, every little bit of sound makes a difference.

Sometime last year, Frankie headed a Singapore start-up to produce a new technology called OraStream which allows for Digital Long Play apps (DLP), which feature a miniscule digital “footprint” of only 300 Kb to 1MB, delivering a combination of high-fidelity audio streams that adapt streaming rates based on observed network conditions.

Most of the previous paragraph was lifted off the PR Newswire as I can’t find any way to explain something that I don’t quite understand. Please check ORASTREAM for more information.

So why am I writing about something I don’t know?

Because it’s Friday today and every Friday, I’ll feature a Boomer’s interest, activity, achievement and lifestyle to share with other boomers so we can be inspired and learn from each other experiences.

Some boomers have been fortunate to lead the lives and pursue careers that they’ve always wanted. Some have to adapt their lives according to circumstances. Most boomers have had reasonably good lives but are still harbouring delayed goals.

To me, this is the time of our lives when we have the chance to pursue our dreams and turn them into reality. They may not be exactly how we imagine them to be but if we make an effort to look out for things that interest us, they will gravitate towards our true passions.

In Frankie’s case, his love for music got him to see the potential in Orastream’s technology. It was this passion for high quality, unadulterated sound that led him to believe in its value to music lovers all over the world. Today, Frankie is busy travelling around meeting musicians and recording companies, a total contrast from his engineering and financial days.

It is this kind of reinventing ourselves and creating new energies from old passions that makes boomers special. It’s time to fulfil our delayed goals no matter how big or small they may be. Remember to have fun along the way because passions are to be enjoyed.



3 thoughts on “Music to your ears

  1. Wow! Very nice, thanks.

    Just to add that “the chance to pursue our dreams and turn them into reality” isn’t a bed of roses but creating new energies from old passions and having fun along the way is absolutely true.

  2. I have notice that when a person has interest in music, may it be, play an instrument, listen to someone singing, the interest that the person has will continue long into their twilight years, as seen by them buying music magazines Rock, Rolling Stone, which does not “complement” their look…I guess its their interest which they harbour and finally finding TIME to indulge in what has been secondary before.

    1. Hi PC,
      Guess circumstances will be different for different boomers. When the start-up got into its second year, I gave up the advisory and NUS assoc-prof positions to devote full time to the start-up – with all the required travelling. I was already quite busy when I took up the scientists and engineers to commercialise the A*STAR invention.

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