Miracle of the Sea


Tahiti sunset
Photo credit : Adam Duffy


Tahiti must be a nice place to watch sunrise and sunset.

I’ve never been to Tahiti but my friend Patrick has. That’s how he described the Polynesian island while I can only imagine and try to write about it in the most romantic poetic way.

          Twice a day every day, the entire sky is painted with hues of fiery red to the softest pink, splashed across a giant canvas of glowing turquoise and sleepy blues.

         While the sky astounds with its spectacular show, the silent sea is like a magical silk cloth with millions of ethereal prisms reflecting the sunlight as the heavens rotates above us.

         … and then, thousands of miracles are happening under the sea. 

Most people who have been to Tahiti, have been there once. Patrick has been there countless times, travelling thousands of miles from Singapore to be back where the miracles of the sea are found – the Tahitian Black Pearls.

Actually the pearls are not black as one solid colour. These pearls have a multitude of colours – dark as charcoal, reflective as silver, green like peacock feathers, golden and pinkish in every unique way. It is this uniqueness that makes the south sea pearls extremely rare and highly sought after.

It takes years to know these pearls and be able to pick the best ones for the most deserving wearers.


patrickPatrick chance upon the Tahitian pearls after a holiday to the south Pacific. He told me an incredible story about how he discovered a whole new world of pearl farming and turned his interest into a venture of supplying these exquisite pearls to the most fascinating people around the world.

I asked Patrick why anyone would want to invest in black pearls. He didn’t have to say very much, just showed the pearls and I understood.

Each pearl is as lustrous as a Tahitian sunrise or sunset. It seems to hold all the wonders of a perfect day and a flawless world. Harvested from clear sapphire waters without changing its appearance, it feels good to wear something so natural and pure. Surely every woman deserves to own these beauties some time in their lives.

To learn more about these priceless beauties visit http://www.tahitianpearls.com.sg 

Joan Yap

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