Wheels of Change

Car manufacturers should think radically and seriously consider how they can design single mobility vehicles for ageing boomers.

Forget about trying to fight the competition with another faster, greener car. Keep the car business for bread and butter purpose but start working on great new products to replace the wheelchair.

Boomers do not want to use wheelchairs to move when our legs are too weak to do the walking for us. What we need is a sleek swanky personal transportation complete with full communications system and whatever attachments that we need to go distances.

I call this “B-Mobile”.

Ideally B-Mobiles should be all-terrain and all-weather with the following basic functions –

  1. Safe Storage for personal items
  2. Food and Beverage Compartment because boomers want to enjoy life on the move
  3. 360 degree Motion Control for total movement ability
  4. Adjustable Seat and Armrest for comfortable fit
  5. Economy and Power Modes for flat and inclined surfaces
  6. Sitting / Standing Feature for height flexibility
  7. Lights and Audio for night-time use
  8. GPS so that our family and friends know where we are in case we get lost
  9. Tablet or Laptop Dashboard with wireless internet access
  10. Secure Docking System for car, train or plane
  11. Automatic Massage for blood circulation and fatigue relieve therapy

The chassis should come in a choice of colours to suit our tastes and fancies. Prices should not be more than an electric motorbike.

Did I mention the B-Mobile must adopt the latest clean technologies and have zero carbon footprint when in use? And every part must be recyclable and kinetic energy is converted to DC energy and stored for future use.

The prospects are as great as one’s imagination. The car companies have all the know-how and facilities to design and build the B-Mobiles for the millions of boomers around the world. Any car designers reading this blog and wish to have the full specifications of the B-Mobile, feel free to drop me a line. I’m sure we can work out the commercials when we meet.

Think different.

If Edison did not introduce the electric light, we’re probably only have bigger candles today.



2 thoughts on “Wheels of Change

    1. Being driven around would be fantastic but I also like to be able to wander off-road in the malls, parks, museums, etc. Perhaps Segway should look into this rather than just their stand-up model. Cheers !

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