December is supposed to be a wet month and if you plan properly, the cool weather can be sweet reprieve from the hot and humid days.

Find a nice terrace somewhere or a sidewalk café and have a hot drink with a good friend. Watch the rain, the leaves dripping heavy from trees and people with umbrellas rushing by.

But it did not happen this morning. The blistering sun in cahoots with the annoying Koel was determined to nudge me out of bed. Oh well. Might as well make use of the sun.

Put the laundry out to dry and water the plants even though December is officially ‘don’t need to water plants’ month because nature takes over while we go for our year-end holiday.

It’s still so hot. Sky was luminous blue and white bouncing light all over.

After lunch, decided to get some art supplies. Then without much warning, it poured. Tried to use my umbrella but it refused to open quickly. A few seconds of heavy rain from the cloudburst makes a big difference between dry and drenched. Shelter was an air-con store blasting cold gusts like shards of steel. From hot to wet to cold.


That’s all I could think of. The head got heavy, eyes blurred, nose clogged-up and throat like sandpaper.

A text message…..politician resigns over affair.
What a shame! Who’s to blame?

Someone’s getting married. Someone’s died.
A baby’s born. A country’s torn.
A rocket shots from the north.
A hundred years ago, a dynasty’s lost.

Incongruent, random thoughts.

Back home. Dinner is tasteless. Shows are bland. There’s nothing else to do this December day.

Goodbye last repeating number date of the century. Herald in peace and goodwill for this battered world, won’t you?

Even though this day will never occur again, we’ll still have another tomorrow.

Sleep well. There’s always a new day ahead.



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