Another Fine Day

The local radio station KPLU plays fantastic jazz without any advertisement or indulges in silly chats. It also gives pretty accurate weather forecast and traffic conditions.

Yesterday as I was heading back from another part of Seattle, KPLU warned of massive jams in the interstate highway I-5. Advisable to use alternative route but my GPS kept directing me towards the I-5.

There must be another way. Having driven for the past two weeks, I felt confident that I could get back on my own. Left the GPS on just in case but had to unplug it after several recalculations by ‘Bonnie’ the voice.

Off I drove south bound towards Aurora Avenue, the main road that runs through Phinney Ridge. After ten minutes, there was no sight of any familiar places or signs with familiar road names. Instead I seemed to be in some farmland with cottages on both sides of a gravel road.

Was about to reach for the GPS when an encouraging sign ‘Jackson Park’ appeared just a few yards away. It’s still early. Will check it out.

Another mile or so driving over potholes with no cars in front or behind me. The cottages were further apart and thick shrubs gapped between them. I admit it, I felt rather lost.

Many more minutes bumpity bump. The last cottage passed by and the road wound sharply to the right. And there it was – Jackson Park Golf Course.

I must say it was really gratifying to stumble on a golf course here. It’s a public course open from sunrise to sunset. Only US$34 to play on weekdays and cheaper for tee off before 7am and after 4pm.


The course was nice with cedar and fir trees but I wasn’t prepared for a game yet. Will come back another day when it doesn’t rain. Maybe next week.

This morning started quite gloomy so I went to the library to get some work done. By mid-day the sky cleared, the sun shone right through the window of the study area. It was just too good a day to stay indoors.

Off to Jackson Park I went, this time with my GPS that has a new favourite destination JPGC. It is another fine day and I get to play golf in perfect weather. What luck!

Reminds me of these words of wisdom from my brother –
Make the most of good weather. Reschedule everything else.
You only discover somewhere new when you get lost.

(Just make sure you have a full tank in your car and a fully charged phone.)



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