Attention on Boston

I’m sure many people are aware of the Boston Marathon explosions by now and can’t help wondering who could be responsible of such a mindless act.

According to reports, the blasts occurred at 4.10pm local time which was quite late in the race. The elite runners have already cleared the finishing line and moved safely away from the site together with their followers.

The reminding runners were people who may be doing the marathon for the first time, or the last time as one of the items in the bucket list.

Many of the victims were there to give moral support to this group of people – the dads, mums, brothers, sisters, friends – average folks taking up a lifetime challenge. The supporters were all cheering their loved ones and looking forward to the glorious moment of successfully finishing the prestigious Boston Marathon.

Then the explosions struck and shattered every hope and dream.

Still streaming in are updates of injuries, amputations, and horrific stories of young and old who were just making the best out of a supposedly day of celebrations.

There is one haunting video of a white hair man visibly shaken when the blast happened and was immediately hit to the ground just yards and seconds away from the finishing line. It must have been a heart-wrenching moment. He may have trained for a long time to get so far. This could be his last marathon.

Can’t watch that video anymore. Had to get out, away from the TV.

I walked a few blocks and passed a small Buddhist temple. Somehow I stopped to read the words on a wall next to a stupa. There are bells around the stupa and one is welcomed to ring them. Each bell holds a prayer and ringing it symbolizes offering the prayer to Buddha. There are 32 bells and I rang them all, thinking of the victims of today’s tragedy.



4 thoughts on “Attention on Boston

  1. so you are at the other side of the world….just came back for perth during the same time you left for seattle…have a very good break which you deserved and enjoy every minute of it too!


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