Discovery Park

Heard there’s an old lighthouse at West Point tip in Discovery Park. Googled the place, add in GPS, drove, picked a map at the visitor centre and headed for a trail.

Sun rays through fir trees, dry earth below, natural aroma therapy. Took so many photos of flowers and trees. Joined joggers, bikers, people walking dogs on a lovely day out.

The path I took was the Loop Trail which snakes the huge lush park and leads directly to the north and south beaches. Took me almost two hours in the woods and finally got to a road that leads to land’s end, West Point.

The south beach where I ‘landed’ is filled with pebbles. At the end of this beach is the lighthouse and beyond, the north beach is sandy. The waves on both sides meet in a imaginary line from the lighthouse.

The West Point Lighthouse is literally a house, not like a tall beacon structure that is symbolic of lighthouses. The building is at the tiny strip of eroding land that juts out into Puget Sound.


Despite its size, the lighthouse and the staff house look proud and commanding.

What a nice place to have a picnic! If only I brought some food, sandwiches would be nice and a flask of hot tea. Wiser hikers I met along the way have grounded themselves snugly on the beach enjoying their lunch. Will remember to pack something to eat next time.

Slightly tired and very eager to get back, I took the shortest possible way via the Hidden Valley Trail. Typical city mentality. Didn’t check the terrain. Clue – “Valley”. The shortest way is uphill. No turning back. Just keep climbing.

The final leg of my ‘short cut’ is to Historic District which is part of 19th century Fort Lawton, now preserved as historic landmark. Its a large area with stately empty houses, proper roads and eerily looking like an abandoned nuclear town.


After almost four hours, I finally made it back to the Visitor Centre and it’s still open. Was a big relief, you know what I mean. Will be better prepared next time I venture into a park.


(photos taken by LG Optimus Vu P895)


3 thoughts on “Discovery Park

  1. well that’s not typical city mentality, that’s being curious of what is to be seen over the next hill. I normally like to do that so I am able to take in as much as I can when in a new place….keep it up!!

  2. I hope you will consider doing “timed hikes” from bathroom to bathroom…..that’s how I plan my outdoor excursions! I have a mental map of every bathroom in north Seattle, with ratings as to its cleanliness and convenience!

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