First of May

What comes to mind on the first of May?

A song, a festival; or rallies and protests.

It’s all the above. May Day has been celebrated and remembered for different things by people around the world. In many countries, it is a day for voicing out labour rights and work-related issues in the form of peaceful demonstrations or emotional protests.

I read there will be a Labour (May) Day Protest at Hong Lim Park Singapore. The organizer is hoping for a good turnout despite the weather forecast for thunderstorm and odd restrictions imposed on the event.

A year ago the ‘Occupy May Day’ in the States spread coast-to-coast, a movement that has fizzled out this time round to a few major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Here in Seattle, there will be three events – a morning rally, an afternoon march and an evening gathering of some sort.  The public is warned about traffic and public transport disruptions and advised to plan travel accordingly.

Shall I attend? It may be interesting to observe what people are concerned about in this Emerald City.

Or should I stay back to help my host with the planting of this season’s heirloom tomatoes?

Either way, it will be a day of labour this first of May.


Garden patch ready for planting
Garden patch ready for planting
On this May Day the seeds in spring
Summer sun and a sprinkler of rain
Imagine what this humble plot will bring

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