Boomers’ priorities

Have you ever straddled across two platforms and one is moving? Like when you cross over from a jetty to a small boat. You’ve got to watch your steps but do it quickly before your boat rocks away from the landing.

I witnessed a woman carrying two oversized lumpy bags who for some reason stayed for a second too long with one foot on the jetty and the other on the boat. She lost her balance and fell through the gap between the boat and the old jetty wall.

The next second she was pulled down by her own panic and the weight of her bags. Luckily the boatman managed to grab her out of the water while my quick-thinking brother prevented the boat from hitting against the rough stone wall and crushing her. Would have been an ugly sight for a simple cross over.

Talk about crossing over.

This morning, my former classmate Frankie and I were discussing about Angelina Jolie’s preventive mastectomy, cancer and dealing with adversities. Frankie is one of the most cheerful persons I’ve known. He has never allowed a bad day to get in his way and is always looking at the brighter side of things. We’ve actually lost touch for over 15 years and only recently found out that we’re living in the same neighbourhood.

In our chat, Frankie reminded me about laughing. Not just laughing at a joke but laughing as a way of cheering up a boring day or during a horrible period.

Since I left school eons ago, I’ve worked in fast-paced industries and become conditioned to a life where everything meant business. I thought I’ve left that behind when I decided to take a career break in 2002.

A decade on and I’m still straddling between the two platforms of past and present carrying my baggage of a bottom-line result oriented mentality and sometimes self-imposed deadlines.

Put aside the necessary planning for the future, I’ve forgotten how it is to embrace life to the fullest. I don’t mean splurging on expensive spas, wearing the finest clothes or travelling luxuriously.

Embracing life to the fullest is about living on our own terms. Work when we want to, enjoy what we eat, travel wherever we can and who we want to be with.

I re-look at my blog…What Boomers Want – Time for Boomer Regeneration. The title fits what I want to write about but the tagline sounds a wee bit bland to me now.

“Time for Boomer Regeneration” is too cliche and sounds like a heavy lumpy statement. I’ve got to change it. I need something more springy and light that I can cross the water with and sail away on an adventure boat.

So back to the basics. What do boomers want?

We want to be fit and financially capable to spend time and to do things with our family and friends, use our experience and qualifications to achieve a meaningful and purposeful encore career or community work, fulfil delayed goals, be recognized for our contributions and have fun along the way.

It’s the F word that comes out most often  – Family, Friends, Fitness, Financial independence, Food, Fun (Fame & Fortune and why not)

Feels lighter already.

It’s interesting what comes out from chatting with an old friend and how laughter can lift one’s spirits.



5 thoughts on “Boomers’ priorities

  1. I like your analogy & perspective on living on our own terms. That reminds me of our trip in ZJJ, where we pondered for a long time if we should give getting onto the boat. Many times, we have been unwilling to abandon what we have had already spent time on, even though the journey ahead clearly is not worth the while or risks.

  2. Embracing life to the fullest is about living on our own terms. Work when we want to, enjoy what we eat, travel wherever we can and who we want to be with.

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