Fifty shades of grey


And silver, white and leftover copper from previous salon visits.

The top lights above bathroom vanity counters create unflattering emphasis on greying crowns and muted shocks of disbelief that there are a few more mature strands since the last inspection with eyes rolled up.

I must fix my hair. Reach for my phone and enter a reminder for the day after I get back to Singapore.

While I’m at it, I should have a good facial treatment – reminder on the same day in the afternoon.

Dental check is way overdue – another reminder to arrange for an appointment as early as my dentist can slot me in.

Need to renew my insurance policy, road tax, website hosting and payment due for housing fees, credit cards, bills, bills, bills.

It’s been a fantastic holiday so far but I’m suddenly missing home. I can’t wait to see my siblings and friends again. Tell them all about my trip. Feast on local food and swim in warm outdoor pools.

One more week in Seattle. There’re still lots to do. I may go downtown to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Read interesting reviews about it. And if I have time, I’ll visit the Wing Luke Museum near the Chinatown-International district.

The sun is out and it’s looking like a good day.



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