Online on the go

In between travelling, I’m taking an online course on Introduction to Psychology presented by Steve Joordens from University of Toronto via

Professor Joordens is a great teacher and an endearing giant of 6foot 3inches (though you can’t really tell his height from the video lectures but he mentioned it as an example for stereotypes). I wish all teachers are like him especially for complex subjects such as the human mind.

Throughout this 3-month trip, I’ve been depending on free wifi in host homes, hotels, airports, malls, cafes, supermarkets and public libraries. All are private establishments except the libraries and I was actually surprised they provide the service free of charge to all users within the premises.

When I visited the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation yesterday, I learnt that the first projects granted in 1997 was to provide free internet in US public libraries, part of the Global Libraries program in an effort to enable free information access as a human right.

That got me to reflect how we take things for granted – clean water, light at a flick of the switch, food at any time we feel like eating, and basic information about the world around us.

What about the right to protect information? The Edward Snowden / National Security Agency affair jumbles up the entire information privacy and human rights status.  People have opposing views and there are lots of debates going on.

Honestly, if you’ve not done anything wrong, there’s nothing to hide or be afraid to be revealed. What’s perceived by the masses may not always be right or wrong. The basic human right is to be able to make one’s own decision with the best information available.

I should use the Snowden event as the case study for my course assignment – the Psychology of Perception .



One thought on “Online on the go

  1. Joan: Or why someone would never eat beets even if he knoes they’re good for him. Baby steps! LRP


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