A Season of Difference

It’s been 88 days since I left home. End of March seems like a long time ago.

Re-read my first blog and I’m feeling like a veteran already, having shared my experiences with other parents of teenagers starting school this quarter and feeling the same anxiety as I did before them.

I remembered the first weekend when my son brought me into the forest at the edge of his campus to the outlook point with the grand view of Mount Rainier, a massive 14,000 feet snow-covered volcano.

There we stood awed by the beauty of the mountain, thinking of the days ahead, unsure of the new environment, the different systems and how it would be for both of us staying apart on our own for the first time.

Yesterday, we drove to the National Park to get a closer look at Mount Rainier and hiked up the Glacier Basin trail. An easy climb so say the regular hikers and the woodcutters we met near the ranger office.

But it wasn’t easy for me. Have not been exercising enough and feasting more than I should in the past few weeks. I was struggling behind my son.

After an hour’s ascent, we found last year’s snow partly frozen, a white sheet littered with pine cones and fir leaves, and slowly melting into pure icy water gushing down to the rocky White River.

There we stood soaking in the freshness of the highlands, breathing in the crisp clean air, and looking forward to the days ahead when living apart on our own can be exciting and liberating.

So glad we made this trip.

Tomorrow I’m going back to hazy Singapore and honestly wish I could stay longer here.




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