The Write Calling

Once the word got out, I could not hold my writer’s dream any longer and began the arduous journey to become one.

One hurdle after another stood ahead. Some blocks were low, some high, and many invisible ones that I only knew when they hit me. Such is what chasing dreams are about.

In the early dreamy days, I realized that many published writers have strong language backgrounds and professions such as literature graduates, English teachers or lawyers. I’m far from those.

It’s a surprise to many, even my closest pals that I can write, let alone get published. Perhaps I don’t look like a writer at all. A friend once said I don’t even look like someone who reads.

That’s the problem – people tend to have preconceived images of writers looking learned and pensive surrounded by books, men smoking pipes and ladies wearing shawls.

The first thing to know about writing is you don’t have to look like a writer, whatever the stereotype vision you have in your head.

While a good command of language is important, that should not stop one from writing. What stops any one from writing is the lack of substance.

I’ve read stories written in English by non-English speakers where almost every sentence is grammatically incorrect. But the stories are so rich with novelty that the poor language presentation becomes secondary. Check unedited stories from Silverfish Books.

The next thing about writing (and just about everything really) is to practise. Keep writing, keep your mind open to ideas, eyes and ears searching for material, read extensively, and adopt imagination without reserve. If needed, take up courses to learn how to get started.

Finally, be responsible. As in everything we do, we are accountable for our actions. Writing is the same. What we write should contribute positively to society with our stories, views, ideas and suggestions. That’s how writers can make a difference.

Every great story starts with a single word. Find yours today.


Image from Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

One thought on “The Write Calling

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