Across the Pond

You can’t be in London this week and not talk about the baby prince. For a start, Heathrow greeters handed out special tokens to celebrate the arrival of the new royal family member.

It’s nice to be reminded that at this age and time, kingdoms still do exist – prince, duchess and all. Kate Middleton is as beautiful a princess as one can be and Prince William, the ever handsome charming gentleman. Whoever denied believing in fairy tales must be lying.

News about the royal couple and baby continued every hour in the local media. Finally they were ready to go home. Without too much fuss and pomp, the young family left hospital in a car driven by the new father with mum and child in the backseat, a princess and two heirs-to-the-throne. It wouldn’t have happened in the old days if the queen had her way.

Life goes on. People are enjoying summertime with an air of pageantry. An evening walk from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to the Tower Bridge can be delightful as well as a great way to work up one‘s appetite. Plenty of places to eat and drink by the banks of the river.

Old River Thames tirelessly running through the city carrying boats with revelers. Parts of the city with cobbled stone paths, traditional pubs, new eateries, roasted nut sellers, souvenir stalls, office workers on beer breaks, students on holidays, tourists on photo sprees.

It was past nine when the last sun rays faded and the night sky gave the city its chance to glow seductively like an enchanted dame clinging to her past. Ancient stone structures hemmed in by glass and steel all around, an aged monarchy surrounded by youthful energy and charisma. London is changing her looks but not her soul.

Its nice to be back after the stint on the other side of the Atlantic. Now to soak in the old world charm.


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