The company that counts

The best wine is not the most expensive or the rarest. It’s who you drink it with. Wine connoisseurs may not agree with me but that doesn’t matter.

We had the best wine two days ago at my brother’s 60th birthday bash. Sixteen of us, mostly golfers, mostly boomers, all young at heart having a ball on the green, in the cabin and the dining hall. It was such a great party that even an Elvis joined us.

The three young people with us had a glimpse of what coming of age will be in 40 years’ time and must be wondering how our generation get so much energy and candour. Hope the future isn’t as scary as we make it to be.

From dawn to bedtime at Calderfields, we did what we love most – play, eat, drink, sing and banter all day long. I must say the staff has been most accommodating and ever so gracious. They must be quite relieved when we left.

It was a truly enjoyable time, a warm cosy affair with family and good friends. Not the most expensive or the rarest, but its the company the counts.



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