On a murder trail

Took an early morning coach to Oxford in what the locals would describe as ‘nippy’ weather. Why the bother? You can’t help it when you’re a fan of Midsomer Murders.

Midsomer is fictional place somewhere in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire where a murder or two is committed every week since the British TV production started in 1997. It is based on the stories written by a female novelist Caroline Graham and adapted by one of my son’s favourite writers, Anthony Horowitz.

It’s like CSI without the gore and graphic of the average crime drama. Instead, you get treated to beautiful English countryside, horses in manor grounds, thatched roof houses in quaint villages, gentlemen in tweed jackets and ladies cycling with flower-filled picnic baskets.

The main star, Causton’s good old first DCI Barnaby with his long suffering wife Joyce, his loyal assistant Jones and the fatherly pathologist George completes the set with other affable characters in the cast.

Apparently the production is done entirely on location in actual homes, shops, pubs and inns, and that’s what the tour is about – exploring the actual locations where DCI Barbany and side-kick discover and solve all the murders within an hour and go back to their peaceful lives enjoying Joyce’s home cooked dinner with a bottle of wine … and wait for the next disruptive call that a body is found somewhere.

Together with other fans, we walked the streets and lanes of our favourite detective chief inspector, took photos till our batteries ran out, and couldn’t wait to see reruns of the show to pick up the spots we visited.

Which is what I’ll be doing now. Got to go.



2 thoughts on “On a murder trail

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. I watch Mrs Maple?, and on occassions upstairs downstairs. I’ve always liked the dry English humor.

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