Travelling Light

Its been over 15 months since I was shuttling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur for meetings. Here I am again today, taking the sunrise flight with the rest of the business people.

Except I’m travelling light-hearted this time. No more ladened by a laptop full of presentations and an overnight bag of deadlines to meet.

It does feel good. Even the inconvenience of walking with my carry-on down two flights of stairs to the bus and up the plane steps didn’t fluster me. (Can’t believe Singapore Changi doesn’t have a lift or escalator from one floor to another.)

Luckily there’re kind folks around and automatically offer help when they notice me small person with big bags. Good deeds do pay. Just yesterday, I helped a young mother carrying a baby with her tray of hot soup and rice.

Anyway, KL International Airport has improved since I was here. The free WIFI is so much faster and easier to connect. Visitor service staff are friendly and informative. Not much changes in the outlets, which is nice for I can find my favourite cafe with power points for my laptop so I can write this blog.

This is the first time I fly MAS A380 to London. The fare ($1,200) is almost half what SIA charges for a one-month ticket. Not in a hurry, I can cope with the one-hour transit. There’s no need to rush with the crowd now.



2 thoughts on “Travelling Light

  1. Joan Be careful. And if you ever need anything while you are out there… call me\ Happy trails to you


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