Still thinking of home

Most Singaporeans I meet would reply ” FOOD ! ” when asked what they missed most when they’re away from home. No doubt the word is in bold caps with an exclamation mark or two to show the importance of its place in life.

I do think about the flavours and aromas of home but not so much as to yearn and moan about it. However we complain about the rising costs of living, hot delicious freshly prepared meals are still easily available and affordable in Singapore and most of the Asian cities.

What I miss most when I’m away is outdoor pool swimming. Not something we brag about but Singapore got this right and proper. The pools regardless of private or public, are all well maintained with clean naturally heated water open all day and night. It simply feels good to be comfortable wet in your own skin.

I dare say Singapore must have the highest number of swimming pools with the highest usage per capita in the world. There are over 20 public swimming complexes and more than 18,000 condominium pools, excluding other private residential pools. It’s one of the those things we do well and taken for granted.

The only thing about swimming in Singapore is you’re restricted to the pools. The water around the island resembles mishmash soup seasoned with too much salt. It’s impossible to swim at our beaches. Even if you can take the salinity that smarts your eyes and arrests your throat, you’ld hit a tanker within minutes after leaving the shore.

Well, we can’t have everything but being able to slip or dive into warm clear water just a few steps from home is sweet escape to blissful weightlessness.




2 thoughts on “Still thinking of home

  1. What’s nice about Maui is you CAN swim in the sea but I prefer the public pools. Indeed it is nice to be able to swim outdoors and feel the wetness of your skin, but our pools close at 4:30 pm before it gets dark. One of the best things I remember about being in Singapore is staying in a 5 star hotel and swimming in its pools and taking cocktail breaks while still in the water. That was my 2.5 month introduction to Singapore before I moved to a condo.

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