The Third Act

Have you heard this story about the man (or woman) who was shipwrecked and prayed to God for help?

Two ships passed but they were too far away to notice him in the water. A plank of wood drifted by but he didn’t bother to grab it thinking another vessel will pass by soon. A lifebuoy floated towards him but he was looking the other way thinking he heard the motor of a boat.

After several hours fighting the currents and waves, the man drowned disappointed that his prayers were not answered. He met God briefly and asked why he wasn’t saved.

God’s reply, “I sent you a plank and a float that you can cling to and the waves will bring you to the nearest shore where there is help. But you only choose to wait for a passing ship.”

So many times we want to do great things, build business empires, right the world of its wrongs, be healthier, spend more time with loved ones, start a new career or relationship, learn something interesting, join a group, travel around.

So many times we wait – for the right moment, the right person, the right opportunity – in the form of a passing ship. Such that we missed the driftwood and the lifebuoy.

In our third act, the opportunities are not as straight-forward as we know them to be in our younger days. They are part of a process with one thing leading to another. They make up the journey that brings us to a destination or many destinations.

But honestly, what do we have to lose to grab on to something that interests us? See where that takes us and enjoy the experience along the way.

In our ocean of life at this stage, we can afford to float on the water and let the waves take us to the nearest shore.


The Third Act


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