Night at the Museum

The Research Triangle may be a consciously calm place reflective of the nature of its industry.

It’s so not-happening that I’ve heard singles can’t survive more than a year living in this place. It definitely doesn’t have the big city excitement or exotic tropical attraction, and it really depends on what you want to do.

Last Friday, Wendy who relocated here a month ago and I decided to check out the local museum – North Carolina Museum of Art.

It’s a smallish museum with a diverse collection from old classics to contemporary, mostly American artists with subjects ranging from religious, folk, slavery, portraits and abstract.

But that’s not what we really went for. It was the Art in the Evening Friday nights special when a live band will be playing at the west building in the open space next to the restaurant, Iris.

Wendy and I had a glass of wine each and shared a plate of three cheeses, fig bread, grapes and strawberries, while listening to the jazz music from Peter Lamb and the Wolves.


Couples, families, groups of friends, retirees, all sorts of art and music lovers congregating, chattering, bathing in the music and ambience of the evening.

After a couple of sets and while the band was still playing, we moved to the galleries. It’s all contained in a small area by most standards but well curated and balanced to be able to appreciate the collection in an uninhibited style.

Originally, we thought of eating at the mall or downtown, but were drawn towards the museum restaurant with its wall sculpture by Patrick Dougherty featuring branches and boughs from the surrounding area,

Photo credit:

The food was reasonably priced and sumptuous, service fast and friendly. We stayed till almost closing and would have continued chatting if not for loud booms coming from outside.

Curious as we were, we collected our jackets, stepped out into the cold dark grounds and pleasantly surprised to see fireworks from the state fair on the other side of the Blue Ridge Road.

What a nice way to end the evening!



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