Power of Love

To my niece and her husband.

It’s never a hassle visiting loved ones, no matter how far they are. 

Three weeks away with a toddler, a preschooler and two dogs can be a handful. Top it with a beach holiday, a weekend in the mountains, timeout to gym and swimming classes, supermarket shopping, visits to outlet stores, dinners in, dinners out – a taster of typical days of a young family household.

Its time to say goodbye. Missing you already. You’ve been really sweet and courageous.

Glad I came. Glad to know you’re managing well. Glad to hear that cancer is no longer scary anymore. 

Your strength is humbling. Your thoughtfulness a warm loving touch, your card says it allThank you for showing me the power of love.

I’ll be back and we’ll have more holidays together again.




2 thoughts on “Power of Love

  1. You wonderful person you. I’ve read all your stories and have shared your happiness and love with your friemds and family.
    Thank you LRP

    1. Thanks for being with me during my blogging solitude. Writing is such a nice way to be with your own thoughts, get in touch with your heart and really be your true self. A kind of self-therapy and a textual memory for your future self.

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