One of the things I look forward to most since knowing that Steve can fly is to fly with him. Not exactly Superman and Lois Lane but going on a cute single-engine propeller plane looking down at the landscape from the air.

Tried my luck, made a wish and got a message early Friday morning with an address and a condition.

You are heading for The Pilot Centre
Denham Aerodrome, Tilehouse Ln, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB9 5DF
I’ll update you on the weather.

Off I went despite being told that the weather will be bad on that day. Nevertheless there was a sliver of gold in the dark dark sky and you know golfers are like that..we always (only) look on the bright side.

As I set out, the weather got worst but there’s no rain. Didn’t give Steve a chance to call it off. Met him at the small airfield and silently willed for the clouds to blow away. The wind did get stronger, only to bring more dark heavy rain clouds.

“Sorry no chance of flying” Steve said.

“Come back in August” added the cafe owner as he took our orders for hot drinks and cakes.


Of all days this week, why must it get stormy now?

So I did the best I could for the flight that did not happen…look longingly at all the cheerfully painted metal birds grounded like me under the grey sagging canvas that stubbornly hung above.


Blimey English weather


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