Ready to be Different

Do you find my posts sort of nice and proper, within a tight writing fence, safe and kind of controlled?

Lately I’ve been challenged to get more edgy, raise sensitive issues, highlight social problems and be a real voice for baby boomers.

How about stuff on managing your retired spouses at home, how to choose your travel mates, ageism in the workforce, dealing with boomerang kids, new relationships, financial balance, etc, etc?

As a Singaporean, this is getting out of my comfort zone but it will be interesting. After all that I’ve written, all those blurps about trying new things, ageless learning, be comfortable about being uncomfortable, I suppose I have to eat my words now.

Like the only swan with an attitude, I need to be different, look the other way and stand out from the crowd.

Ready for this?Tell me what you want to read, things I should write about, people I can interview, anything that’s worth blogging.

Am here for you.


VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W
Photo credit: Stanley Yap

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