I Hope You Find It

Photo credit : Stokpic.com Ed Gregory
Photo credit : Stokpic.com Ed Gregory

Sundays in Singapore when everything from traffic to endless media chatter slows softly to a gentle murmur; the only day when the local radio plays nostalgia one sentimental song after another.

I used to enjoy that very much. Oldies always bring out vivid memories – where I was, who I was with, what was I doing. It used to make me feel warm simply indulging in treasured moments of the good, young days.

But it shouldn’t be like that. I’ve been to concerts of boomer musicians surrounded by a boomer audience enjoying old songs behaving as senior hipster youngsters. It’s like a congregation clinging to the past. I stopped going to these events, some by retiring bands lip syncing while moving in jerky gyrations.

Why aren’t there new songs for us? Something relating to the present, how we are feeling, who we are with, what we are doing, as mature adults and not teenyboppers. There must be songs of today by people our age reflecting what we are today, not yesterday.

Just as I was about to give up, thinking that boomer musicians have had it too good living off royalties, I heard this lovely song “I Hope You Find It” by Cher, written by Steven Robson and Jeffrey Steele. All three of them boomers, isn’t that great?

Released a month ago it is classified as a country pop and adult contemporary ballad, a rather suitable genre for us don’t you agree? This is our song, not some song taken from or to be shared by the young ones. In that way, I’m as possessive as claiming 70s & 80s music belong to us boomers and no one else.

And in a few years, when I hear “I Hope You Find It”, it will be the memories of today and I will remember the present home I’m in, the friends around me and how I lounge around all Sunday writing my blog.

To the hopeless romantics like me, enjoy Cher’s latest.


And I hope you find it
What you’re looking for
I hope it’s everything you dreamed your life could be
And so much more

And I hope you’re happy, wherever you are
I wanted you to know that
And nothing’s gonna change that
I hope you find it



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