Retiring the word “Retirement”

Silhouette of Bird Flying Infront Of Sunset
Photo credit : Ed Gregory

Canadian Allan Gregg’s interview with economic strategist and author of “The New Retirement : How It Will Change Our Future”, Sherry Cooper

What Happens When The Baby Boomers Retire?

Opening statements..

Retirement is the wrong word .. the word should be retired, along with so many words that boomers have rendered meaningless.

The retirement concept is one of personal diminishment, isolation, dependency, being over the hill, decline.

With this new aspect, the last 30 years of our lives will be a period of regeneration, rewirement, people advancing, expanding their social radius, expanding their business experiences, as well as being very active and purposeful physically, intellectually, mentally.

Discussed in 2008 on Canada, it still bears many relevant aspects of what’s going on with baby boomers worldwide and how we are all making changes to the social and political view of the active ageing population.



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