November, 31st

woman driver

For most women, driving has been taken so much for granted – just hop into the car and drive around everywhere, anywhere on our own free will.

A few hours ago, two Saudi women were stopped for driving and taken to the police station. They’ve been in the news since their campaign to allow women to drive in the Gulf state, the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving.

For years, these activists have been challenging the authorities for the right to drive, to allow driving as a normal activity for woman in their daily lives.

With growing support, a date 26 October was originally set for women to take to the wheel but the authorities made it clear that mass disregard of the driving ban would not be tolerated.

So in a twist to create an indefinite period, the activists recast their campaign on November 31st, a non-existent date and started a movement where woman drivers posted videos of their driving online.

It’s been over a hundred years since the first woman driver was given a licence to drive in USA. As a woman driver, I do feel for the Saudi ladies and hope that a civil solution will be reached soon.



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