Cheers to the New Year

Where does one start for a year end post?

2013 like any year is a good, bad and average year. Enough of reflections and resolutions, reunions and regrets, auld lang synes that make us cry and feasts that waste more than feed. Its time to look forward.

Glad the earth is round. All directions lead us to our destinations. To get back home tomorrow, I’ll be flying west to east and losing one day in the process -1st January.

What can one make of a 364-day year? The most of it I suppose.

This year I hesitate to wish my friends a Happy New Year after one sad soul dismissed last year’s greeting with a sneer that reflects his own sorry state.

But the world should not be let down by people who are down and attempts to bring others with them. No No. The world is meant for better things and its up to the hopeful and the courageous to keep this tilted planet in orbit around the hot solar star.

So as we end this year, I end this post with the sincerest wishes to all reading my blog that 2014 will bring you the best in health, happiness and whatever you will be doing in the new year.

Cheers from Seattle on the way to Singapore.

Joan Yap



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