I owe, I owe, and off to work I go

Was that what the seven dwarfs were really singing in some remote jewel mountain long long ago?

Credit: Walt Disney Productions

Back from my wanderlust, I finally got down to figure out the spent of six months of travels which turned addictive and now I’m seriously in travel rehab.

Plus I am suffering from a retiree’s guilt.

You know, most of us don’t have the luxury to be both cash-rich and time-rich. It’s one or the other.

Besides, it’s a constant struggle to justify a carefree lifestyle when we never know what’s going to hit us. Better keep the war chest for that rainy day/days/ weeks/months/years…who knows.

But not knowing what’s going to hit us can make some people resort to frivolous lifestyles. Live like no tomorrow! Live today like it’s your last day! .. or until they’re dead or broke whichever comes first.

So the sensible thing to do is to go back to work when we still can, find some regular income, a simple job or business that won’t ruin our health.

Did someone mention passive income from investments? Honestly if you’ve not done so by 50, it’s a bit too late.

Someone else mention about Confucianism? something about filial piety, that children will take care of their parents when they grow old?

Let’s look around – how many boomers are being supported by their grown-up children today? I’m sure the kids are filial but boomers have been economically independent all this while and really have not expected to be cared for by their children. So we’re really on our own now.

Recently I met a lot of people in their second or third careers, many of whom were retired and returning to the workforce, both out of boredom and necessity.

The first depends on our individual outlooks in life and the levels of challenges we seek. The second depends on our lifestyle choices and financial situations.

At this age and stage in our lives, it’s important to have choices and a diverse network of friends. In fact for many years, all my friends were only from one industry which gets seriously boring. Today I know people from different backgrounds, ages and interests, opening up the world around and turning life into refreshing and inspiring experiences every day.

Having been in and out of retirement in a constantly transitional mode, all I can say is to stay in regular touch with friends, get involved in project work and definitely continuously learning new skills. Keeps one meaningfully occupied and broadens the mind.

Well, that was some distraction. Blogging helps to divert my anxiety for the time being but my bills have not vanished.

Let’s see.. flights + car rental + housing + food + shopping + lessons + this and that, here and there = back to work I go.

Well at least the experiences were great and the memories – priceless!

Will definitely do it again and again.



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