Peas in a Pod


Cramped in a tiny flat with our parents, my brothers and I.
We ate together, slept together,
fought mostly over toys, sometimes food, often bathroom times,
use of shared things and everything
one can imagine in a brawling young family life.

And then we started growing up and out.
Out of our home we went on separate ways
to pursue grand dreams through our simple naive means.

We lived separate lives, raised families –
the next generation of us.
Little ones like us, only better in many ways
for we gave them what we couldn’t have,
like what our parents did before.

And then the little ones grow up and out.
Out of our homes they go on separate ways
in search of dreams in a very different world we know today.

Life’s like a record turning 33.3 rpm,
stylus crackling static on old vinyl.
All’s too familiar.
Nostalgia stabs you with muted sights and sounds
through memories from good old days of our young and foolish ways.

So now, we’re back together again –
my brothers and I.
Empty nesters ready to fly,
perhaps even leaving our own nests
to live the dreams we dare to dream
no matter how crazy they may all seem.

The years apart have changed us –
the way we think, the company we keep, the things we do.
And yet, we’re still the same.
Always looking out for one another,
Sometimes over silly things we fought
but accepting each other for who we are –
the peas in a pod.

Joan Yap


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