The Scenic Route


After some debate between the driver and the co-driver,  comparison between the paper map and the two GPSs, we’ve decided to take the scenic route to wherever.

Frankly this is the first time I joined a trip where there is absolutely no plan, just a general direction and a date to reach a destination.

Best left to the driver to take us as he fancies. Away from the motorway, along a winding road with chateaus and vineyards one after another all inviting for degustation of their estate wines. The friends picked one, stayed for an hour tassting while I explored the cave filled with oak barrels of fermented grape juice.

Back on the winding road to Lyon where we stopped by to pick up a tourist map, decided to move on and away we go again. Passed the historic city, the two rivers, bridges, got caught in city peak hour and hurried off to the countryside for lunch.

Next we sped off south to the Roman village, Nimes before nightfall.

The little that we saw of France in the past two days has been charming – the neat countryside, the cafes, the tidy villages, spotlessly clean walkways, excellent food and wine, people and weather.

It’s been a big of a rush, all of us felt it. Promised to take it easy from now on. After all this is a holiday. But we’ll be leaving France for Spain tomorrow. Another day, another experience.

Joan Yap


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