Its 7am, dark and cold. The Marbella sky still full of stars. One, two maybe three lights in the distance flickering over the sound of waves and the smell of the Mediterranean.

A walk on the sandy pebbly beach that curves along the coastline. A streak of faint orange painted over the sky stretching from the coast to the morning star. Within seconds, the Master brushes firm and quick across the horizon with hues of yellow, blue and pink.

Seagulls are out looking for food, someone in fins and snorkel out in the sea looking for clams, a man and his dog on their morning walk.

Waves rushing in hugging the shore, then pull back by the big blue sea. I sat on a rock for a few more minutes. Can’t bear to miss the changing of lights. There’s going to be another sunrise tomorrow and the sea will still be here. Yet reluctant am I to leave.

Joan Yap


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