Feeling Young


We celebrated BP’s 70th birthday yesterday. A cosy meal by the sea, wishes on oranges plucked from trees in the golf course and pebbles picked from the beach.

No fancy parties or extravagant presents. The best gifts are those we can enjoy with our loved ones and friends such as going on road trips, sharing food, bunking in travellers hotels, discovering new places, laughing at each other’s jokes.

I asked BP, a retired dentist what’s the secret to his happiness. “A good wife” he grinned and immediatedly showed me her photo.

“Don’t you miss her and her you not being together on your birthday?” BP simply smiled.

I suppose a good marriage or any relationship is based on trust and respect. Obviously I’m stating the obvious. But we need to be reminded constantly.

Its nice to be 70 like BP, or 60 something like my brother, Daniel, Ron and Prinz. Often I forget how old they are when we are out together. The way they embrace life makes them seem so young, and making my sister-in-law Sally and I feel even younger.

It’s the energy that matters, the age is only important to get seniors’ discount.

Joan Yap


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