The Plastic Coast


Less than ten years ago, driving along Spain’s east coast to Costa del Sol in the south was relaxing and scenic especially in the late afternoon when the light is low and the white cottages capturing magical hues from the golden setting sun.

This time on our way from Alicante we noticed white patches littered all around the countryside, on the hill slopes and the coastline. These patches increases and cover the entire landscape as far as the eye could see to the fringe of the highway.


Here is Europe’s largest greenhouse agriculture – miles and miles of plastic covering hectares and hectares of vegetables and fruits converted from open fields to all-season farming of ‘seasonal’ salads.

It’s unbelievable. The shimmering polythene like a disease devouring the land, invading this part of the Spanish countryside, turning the once-barren once-poor province of Almeria into an agricultural gold rush.

Lots of debate on this form of mass-produced environmental controlled farming. Questions on sustainability and other ‘love our planet’ issues come to mind but one thing’s for sure – this blanket of plastic is a terrible eye sore to the Spanish coastline.

Joan Yap



2 thoughts on “The Plastic Coast

  1. yeah but it also has reduced the ambient temperature of 1 degree Celsius.. the applications of this could curb global warming.

    1. Hello Sam, Thanks for your comments on my post. Sorry for the delayed reply. I’m taking a break from blogging this year and haven’t been checking my site. Coincidentally, the reason for not blogging is because I’m spending more time on climate matters. Are you also in this space? Regards, Joan

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