Lazy Day In

Last day in Dona Lola. It’s been fun. There’re so many wonderful moments and rocky ones too. Getting here fast and take it slow like the Beach Boys in Kokomo.

BP and Prinz out golfing, Dan and Ron shopping, Stanley planning the drive back booking hotels, Sally going for massage. I’m just gonna take it easy, maybe write another post, finish my borrowed book, cook lunch, swim but ended up sleeping all afternoon. Woke up to music from the pool, children playing, club staff talking and the sound of a motor somewhere.

The laundry is out drying, the sun has shifted so should the clothes. Went to the balcony, saw this yacht sailing by over the rooftops, grabbed my phone and the parting shot of this holiday – be surprised by anything that may come our way.

Joan Yap


Not sure when I’ll be back to this Coast of the Sun and until then, the moments remembered.

Marbella sunrise


A weed is but an unloved flower


What the Mediterranean brought to shore


Sunset over Dona Lola







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