Rush Rush

Here we go again. Another thousand miles to go after the restful seven days in Spain’s sunny coast.

Has the entire day gone by? Offline for 24 hours can be unnerving. Takes a bit of time to remember what we did, where we went. That’s the main reason I had to post something on my Facebook timeline whenever I can hanker out a slice of WiFi anywhere, to the growing annoyance of my travelling companions. It’s rude I know but that’s the best I can do. Just connect and post, and get back to the friends and food before they turn cold.

Yesterday we stopped in Cordoba for lunch, passed the grand cathedral where I spent a quick hour inside with hundreds of tourists, bewitched by the rich mixed cultures of the great empires of long ago.

ImageThen we drove for several hours to a different kind of Spain with meadows like England. Arrived at sunset in Toledo, a UNESCO world heritage site, in the middle of a concert at the main square.

Hurried to buy the best marzipan pantries in the world before the shop closed for the day. Strolled around looking for an inviting restaurant to eat, drink and be merry. By the time we stepped out of the restaurant, the last rays of sunlight glowed softly casting pink blushes all over the ancient town. It was enchanting but the golfers weren’t interested in this sort of thing so we left the beautiful place towering over the Spanish plains.


The next day, another rush to cover as many miles as we can. Entered the city of Burgos on Palm Sunday when a long procession was going on. Streets crowded with families and children carrying little palm decorations. A one-man-band at a corner performing with his bamboo flute, guitar, drums, bells, two puppets and a lama.

Love to stay but time to move on again. Drove though the alpine part of Spain with pine forests and turquoise blue rivers in green valleys. Left Spain in a rather unceremonious fashion after paying two euros at a toll station, we have entered France.


Tonight we are in Biaritz, a seaside town on the Bay of Biscay popular with aristocrats and other celebrated personalities past and present. The buildings are a mixture of palace-style hotels, art deco apartment blocks and typical French small-town architecture.

Somehow we wandered into a crowded restaurant and had Italian food, our first meal in France again. Then crossed the road to the casino which inadvertently paid for our dinner.

Joan Yap


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