Almost Perfect


Passed by so many wind turbines but this is the first time I hear them.

While waiting for the train back to UK next to giant blades slicing the empty space, metal against air … WOOP WOOP WOOP all of them amplifying the strong gusts of wind from the English Channel. You can imagine how bored I was to be actually listening to wind turbines.

Still waiting for the next train at the section where all the signs show “X”. The hard concrete barriers and electronic signboards seem to draw the line between holiday and reality, that when we cross them, our vacation is truly over.

The good thing is we’re going back to our families, to routine, to familiarity. The past seventeen days have been a mixed bag of emotions and experiences. It’s been mostly great, surprising, wonderful, delightful, enlightening, fun and relaxing. At times, stressful, demanding, worrying and tiring.

While waiting, Daniel was studying the map and planning his next trip back. My brother Stanley and my sister-in-law Sally were taking a nap. Prinz recollecting the many ideas from restaurants and hotels we come across for his plans back in Thailand. BP can’t wait to see his family again and Ron misses his own bed back in Jersey.

As for me it is clearly a trip that I will never forget. Heard so much about such trips for years from Stanley and Sally, seen their photos, but could only imagine what it’s like being on the road with their friends.

The way my brother planned this trip, we’ve avoided the big cities and popular tourist places, opting for the local tourist attractions and pretty little towns that look like painted canvases. Even in Barcelona, it was only for the “best tapas in all of Spain” and off we go again.

The visits to historical sites were a special bonus for me but to the golfers probably an unnecessary detour though they’re sweet enough not to show it. Anyway this is a lovely time of year and we were blessed with fantastic weather throughout the journey. We had superb time.

Except this afternoon at the Eurotunnel crossing.

Just as well it’s cool. The agonizing wait to cross the English Channel was taking longer than flying to Dubai. A technical glitch, an indirect accident, arrests of illegal immigrants – all these we found out too late, after we got stuck with hundreds of other motorists.

Just sitting in the car waiting to get to the next section, sitting in the car to get into the shuttle cabin, sitting in the car trapped inside the cabin with 3 other cars with no visible escape route, sitting in the car waiting for the shuttle to move, sitting, sitting for over six hours.

By the time we arrived in Folkstone, the pent up frustrations of drivers of fast cars, family saloons, minivans, buses, and leather-suit bikers were like thousands of spawning eggs bursting out of the sac free at last.

Another 90 minutes to get into the city to Prinz’s restaurant for supper. Everyone was exhausted and wolfed down the best Thai beef noodles in Northwood.

Would have been a perfect holiday if not for the long delay getting back. Well at least we’re home safe and sound now. Time to catch up on sleep and whatever we have to do back home.

Joan Yap


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