Viva la Bee Gees


I don’t believe I’m actually missing Bee Gees songs.

This weird fixation must have started at 4pm after lunch with miles to go last Monday at a fuel stop on an autoroute between Bayonne and Toulouse.

Our driver Ron appeared drained from lack of sleep, dehydration, one-too-many lame jokes and story reruns. The French radio was not receiving well and the CD I bought from a busker was more for sleeping than keeping awake behind the wheel.

Somehow Ron found an old Bee Gees – Their Greatest Hits tucked away and forgotten until this desperate moment. Before we knew it, we’re all singing with the brothers, reminiscing our youth, talking about old music hang-outs, revealing little secrets and the miles flew by effortlessly.

Bee Gees was with us for the rest of the journey till we reached the Eurotunnel crossing. That’s three days almost 6 hours per day, over and over again. It’s pretty insane. They grow on you. Like my travelling companions.

Its probably true that you’ll know a person better on a  17-day trip than a neighbour who lives next door for the past 17 years. It’s the quality of time spent with each other that bonds people rather than physical closeness.

It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.

Joan Yap


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