Eres Tu

Remember Eres Tu? Spain’s entry to the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest in the last years of Franco’s dictatorship. The song achieved worldwide success reaching the top 10 of US Billboard with people singing along in xenoglossy fashion.

I was one of them … Eres tú como el agua de mi fuente ……asi asi, something like that.

Lovely tune, must be romantic but the song meant nothing to me until today while learning basic Spanish greetings and introductions.

Eres tu – You are.

To be used in daily conversations, a simple title for a great song. All through this morning’s lesson, the song played in my head. Must learn the words and their meanings. Found the lyrics in Spanish with English translation and could finally understand what the song meant.

Como una promesa, eres tú, eres tú. (Like a promise, you are, you are.)

Como una mañana de verano. (Like a summer morning.)

Como una sonrisa, eres tú, eres tú. (Like a smile, you are, you are.)

Así, así, eres tú. (That’s how, that’s how, you are [to me])

Sweet simple words that won the hearts of millions once.

Joan Yap


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