Spanish Days


I’m told there are two “days” in a Spanish day. That’s if you agree that a day starts after a good sleep.

Thus there’s a morning “day” from whatever time you awake till lunch. And a second part after siesta till late. Was a bit weird at the beginning but adjusting to the sleep culture here can be refreshing. Plan it well and you’ll get a great deal done in 24-hours.

At a glance the Spaniards appear like a lazy bunch but watch them work and we’ll learn a thing or two about work life balance. They certainly talk fast and definitely work quickly. May seem chaotic but there’s a system here that works in fiery, feisty manner.

Protests are common. So are festivals where singing can last all night. The recession is not over but it doesn’t dampen the Spanish camaraderie where spirits of the bar and soul are one and the same.

We may not have cars or own houses, but we must always have drinks with our friends” so said Sergio of el estilo de vida, the lifestyle here.

Poquito, poquito, signs and sounds are making sense now. A week ago seemed like a long time. Today is my last lesson at Don Quijote. Twenty hours of Spanish classes in a taster week. Everyone’s going separate ways, with warm Spanish hugs we part, oh how I wish I could still stay.

Joan Yap



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