The magic is never gone



There was a time I believed I had magical powers because I could form images with clouds. Then I was told it’s just imagination and the magic was lost forever.

Well, until yesterday. I met an old friend and we did an un-adult thing – looking at clouds.

Maggie, like me, enjoys doing what we call ‘heart acts’. “You are happiest when you do things following your heart and not your head”, she used to say.

My friend married her school sweetheart and raised three wonderful kids. A dutiful wife and loving mother. Loves talking about travelling and adventures that she did not get to do.

“Let’s go away, just us girls”, she instigated in her dreamy mood staring at a particular puffy shape of a car or a head, depending how you look at the white mass in the sky.

Then her phone rang. Her mood changed as if she was dropped a thousand feet from the clouds to the cold hard ground.

“Got to go. Catch up another time”. And off she went a different person from a minute ago. Head down hurrying to whoever summoned her on a guilt trip home.

Left alone I looked up again. The car/head has turned into a galloping horse. The magic is back. It’s never gone as long as the heart is strong.


Joan Yap


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