Way of St James


Today I went for a 15-km trail trial on a pilgrim route before I embark on a 12-day walk with Irene on Sunday.

The Way of St James is one of the most important Christine pilgrimages known as El Camino de Santiago in Spain and Camino Frances in France depending on the location of the routes taken.

Pilgrimages dated back to medieval times but modern day routes take walkers through UNESCO sites, quaint villages and off-beaten tracks not for the average tourist.

It was pleasant most of the day. We hiked up and down hills, stopped for lunch by a lake and at our last mile, the sky poured, flashed and roared. Finally reached our destination at the church drenched, waited for refreshments hosted by the local mayor and then invited to a performance by the village choir.

IMAG0952 So tired now. Got to pack tomorrow and get mentally prepared for the 150-km walk from France to Spain.

Joan Yap




5 thoughts on “Way of St James

      1. Thom, if you have a Facebook account, there’re some interesting Camino groups. That may nudge you into walking. Check out “Slow Strollers on the Camino” and others that have good number of members. The forum discussions can be useful. Best wishes, Joan

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