GR 78 to Camino de Santiago


Since picking up the scallop shell and credential from the picturesque town of St-Jean-Pied-de-Port last Saturday and (foolhardily) committing to the walk with Irene, it’s been many moments of anxiety for me.

This is not a Sunday walk in the park but a 312 km journey over two weeks across the Pyrenees from France to Spain. Can’t believe I’ve enlisted myself for this.


Its a challenge no doubt and I’ll miss the comforts of home but it’s one of the things I’ve not done for a long time – pushing the limits whatever they are. And all I planned for since leaving Singapore was to have a relaxing holiday in France. Instead this is what will be attempted …..

  1. Jul 27 ~ LOURDES to ASSON (6h ; 25km)
  2. Jul 28 ~ ASSON to ARUDY (6h ; 21km)
  3. Jul 29~ ARUDY to OLORON (5h 30m ; 21km)
  4. Jul 30 ~ OLORON to L’HOPITAL ST BLAISE (5h 45m; 18 km)
  5. Jul 31 ~ L’HOPITAL ST BLAISSE to MAULEON (5h 15m; 15km)
  6. Aug 1 ~ MAULEON to ST JUST IBARRE (5h; 24km)
  7. Aug 2 ~ ST JUST IBARRE to ST-JEAN-PIED-DE-PORT (5h 35m; 24km)
  8. Aug 3 ~ ST-JEAN-PIED-DE-PORT to RONCESVALLES, Spain (4h; 25km)
  9. Aug 4 ~ RONCESVALLES to LARRASOANA (7h; 27km)
  10. Aug 5 ~ LARRASOANA to PAMPLONA CIZUR MENOR (4h; 21km)
  11. Aug 6 ~ PAMPLONA to PUENTE LA REINA (6h 30m; 19km)
  12. Aug 7 ~ PUENTE LA REINA to LIZARRA/ESTELLA (5h 30m; 22km)
  13. Aug 8 ~ LIZARRA/ESTELLA to LOS ARCOS (6h; 22km)
  14. Aug 9 ~ LOS ARCOS to LOGRONO (6h 30m; 28km)

That’s the plan but we could stop at any point or continue for a few more days or weeks if we’re crazy enough. The good thing is at the end of our journey we can look forward to Tony who will bring us back to Berdot in whatever state or condition we may be, in a little pampered style.


Ok-lah. Let’s do it !

Joan Yap


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