Your own Camino


A Dutch lady told me at the start of the Camino that I can only lose weight after the 6th day. That wasn’t what I had hoped for. It’s been 11 days now and weight loss is the last thing on my mind.

We met a Korean man who walks barefoot, an English lady who has been walking for over 80 days and no intention to stop, 2 young Belgium girls who choose the Camino instead of a beach vacation, a family who cycled with their toddler and preschooler, and many more amazingly interesting people.

Everyone has their own reasons. It’s our own Camino we are walking. We meet people along the way, some walk with us part of the way, we may meet again at the end of the day, we eat together, share sleeping quarters, and the next morning they may leave us, but we still have to move on, keep walking forward until we reach our own destinations.

Buen Camino!

Joan Yap


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