In Retrospect


WordPress sent an annual report of my blog
Averaging one post per week (near prolific)
Viewed 4,700 times across 64 countries (almost famous?)
Most popular 5 – Me, Best Ever, I owe.., Camino & Singlish

Removed braces after 3 uncomfortable years
Never felt so good
Went into selfie overdrive
At the verge of narcissistic obsession

On a drive from London through France to south of Spain
12 days, 4300 km, 2 cars, 7 of us
Walked from Lourdes to Logrono
14 days, 350km, just legs, 2 of us

What madness you ask?
Carpe diem
Whatever that means to you
And seize the day I did

Landed in a most charming home
On a French hilltop
With then new, now close friends
A chance that changed my life

Met wonderful people along the way
The simple things in life
Fascinating experiences
Never dreamt of, am grateful for

To overcome moments of sombreness
The passing of loved ones and friends unwell
Of tragedies, selfish acts and insane deeds
Makes one wonder why things happen the way they do

At the end of the day, at the end of the year
What do we want most?
Good memories, peace of mind, a light heart
Knowing that loved ones are safe and happy

Strength and hopes
To face the new year
That whatever comes will turn out fine
For me and you

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Peace, Hope and Charity.

Joan Yap


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