IMAG6468_1_1 I think I’m going to adopt the young man from China. Like most Chinese students, he is conscientious and extremely motivated. And he allows me to copy his work.

Day 4 was tough. Can’t remember what happened on Day 3.

Just as I thought I got a handle of verbos regulares and irregulars, the teacher sashayed in with her reflexivos and gerundos and I’m totally lost.

Youtube is proving to an excellent tutor. I’m spending at least two hours every morning buscando (searching) for suitable lessons to explain what was explained in class at standard Spanish speed.

For deberes (homework), I resorted once to plagiarism from for an impressive grammatically perfect description of the profession psicologo (psychologist). Was almost promoted to the advanced class until I revealed my source of wisdom. No more la trampa!

So with much agony and determination, I am now doing my homework, poco a poco in elementary-level style my original works of satisfacción.

Thank God It’s Friday! Was told we’re all going to a bar for our cultural class tonight. Super! I think I can take another afternoon of whatever mental infliction from my pretty profesoras.

un estudiante


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